• More comfort better performance
  • Total Contact Casting is cost effective
  • Total Contact Casting provides predictive patient outcomes
  • Total Contact Casting is the Gold Standard of care with documented outcomes
  • Comfort Total Contact Casting kits help with inventory reduction
  • 2 Kits to choose from for optimal user preference
  • Insurance reimbursable


Total Contact Casting is the Gold Standard of care for diabetic foot ulcers

Total Contact Casting is recognized as the Gold Standard for offloading diabetic foot ulceration within the diabetic foot-care community.Total contact casting is a medically recognized procedure and is incorporated in several clinical guidelines.

Total Contact Casting Provides Predictive Patient Outcomes.

Multiple randomized controlled trials (RCT) or clinical studies have been conducted which illustrate that the majority of diabetic foot ulcers heal with the offloading provided by Total Contact Casting in a mean time of 35-52 days for 85-95% of patients. This compares to the standard care approaches with a mean time to heal of 50-90 days for only 21-65% of patients. In addition, multiple prospective and retrospective cohort studies also demonstrate the effectiveness of Total Contact Casting. (See Summary of Clinical Evidence for Total Contact Casting).

According to the American Diabetic Association1, eight percent of the population has diabetes and over 23% for those are age 60 or older. Fifteen percent will develop a foot wound in their lifetime. Sixty to seventy percent of diabetics have nerve damage which allows them to continue to traumatize their injured foot. Sixty percent of non-traumatic amputations are for diabetic patients... read more